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About Our Business

PASH exists to provide holistic sexual, relational and social education for people of all abilities.

We understand that sex and relationships are hard topics to talk about! There's a lot of questions that come up and often most people don't receive adequate education when it comes to answering these questions. We are committed to change that! Our education is straightforward, literal and factual; specifically tailored to those with additional needs and each different person that we work with. All of our programs incorporate very creative and hands-on lessons, packed full with lots of activities to help the people we support remember the life long lessons they will gain throughout our time together.

As a business, we are here to support everyone. This means that before we start our sessions, it is important for us to sit down and discuss your individual and/or family's needs, beliefs and values. We understand that sexual education can be a daunting topic and so we work hard to ensure that all of the education that we provide is inline with your own beliefs, attitudes and values. 

PASH Connections is an extension of PASH Consultancy and was created out of a need for inclusive social and dating events in Perth. We have been running events in Perth since 2020 and have now grown to operate in regional parts of WA. At PASH Connections, we hold three main types of events. These include Speed Dating, Social Nights and Friendship Catch Ups. We exist to provide opportunities to be able to meet like-minded people and make meaningful connections both romantically and platonically. Our hope is that the connections you form at our events, will then grow into healthy and fulfilling relationships and our goal is to create a safe, friendly and inclusive space for you to do this in. We know that meeting new people and making friends can be hard- so let's do it together!

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