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Individuals with an NDIS plan in place wishing to access PASH Consultancy's services can fill out a request for service form here. Participants with an NDIS plan in place that is NDIA managed, will not be able to use funds to access services. In these cases, PASH Consultancy can offer Fee For Service Billing. 

Pricing for services are billed at $129.33per hour for Educational Sessions and $193.99 for the Initial Meeting with an Educator and the Education Services Coordinator.

Item codes used for services include: 

  • 01_741_0128_1_3 for Core 

  • 15_056_0128_1_3 for Capacity Building

Each Individual's program will look different, especially depending on the level of intervention that is needed. Therefore we recommend that individuals have enough available funds to accomodate for the number of sessions they would like. Each session is an hour (50mins of face-to-face education & 10mins allocated for note writing).

PASH Consultancy also requires an extra hour available for report writing where required by the NDIS.

Participants will be charged provider travel to have a consultant meet with them in their own home. 

PASH Consultancy's cancellation policy is adapted from the NDIS Price Guide and requires 7 days notice for cancellation of sessions or individuals may still be charged for the full amount. 

Participants that do not have an NDIS plan in place can still access PASH Consultancy's services through private funding. Please contact us for pricing details. 

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