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Topics We Cover

Sex and Sexuality

What sex and sexuality is, diversity and rights 

Sex and the Law

What the law states about sex and how it applies to everyone

Values and Attitudes

Beliefs, values and attitudes around sexuality and relationships

Respect and Relationships

Why respect is important, different types of relationships, characteristics of a healthy vs unhealthy relationship like, expectations within relationships and how to build them

Personal Boundaries

What are personal boundaries and how to keep them

Feelings and Emotions

Understanding emotions, attraction and feelings. How to manage emotions and how to build confidence


Body parts, their names, what they are used for and how they work 


What hygiene is, why it is important and how to use it


Explanation of childhood sexual development, myths vs facts and understanding the way the human body changes throughout puberty

Public and Private Concepts

Appropriate actions in both private and public and the consequences if they aren't followed correctly 

Choices and their Consequences

The difference between healthy and unhealthy choices and the result of both choices


What is consent, how to apply asking for consent to everyday life and situations consent cannot be given

Protective Behaviours

Ways to keep safe and identifying situations that are uncomfortable. Understanding safe vs unsafe environments 


Pornography, the effects of it and guidelines around it

Cyber Safety and the Online World

How to use the internet and social media appropriately and safely, what the risks are and how to navigate the online world

Sexually Transmitted Infections

What STI's are, how they are contracted, how to stop them and what their effects on the human body are


What is contraception, what are the different types of contraception, how they are used and how effective they are


What are hormones, the different types of hormones and how they effect us 

Social Skills 

Appropriate vs inappropriate social skills, their consequences and 'hidden rules' within different social situations 


What is pregnancy, what it results in, how to become pregnant and how to navigate unintended pregnancies

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